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12 Tips to Kick-Start Your Job Search

Kirsten Garrett Posted by Kirsten
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Tips To Kick Start Your Job Search

Are you kick-starting your job search this year?

2020 as a special ring to it! This could be the year where you make the move to bigger and better things. To get started, I’ve prepared a list of practical steps you should put in place before you start applying for your next position.

It is all about planning and preparation!

  1.  Update or rewrite your resume

  2. Contact your referees

  3. Reconnect with former colleagues and managers

  4. Clarify in your own mind what you are looking to do next.

  5. Update your social media

  6. Ensure you are

    , industry hang-outs and aware of relevant upcoming conferences.


  7. Research the market

  8. Target industries

  9. Look closely at roles

  10. Cover letter

  11. Prepare for interviewspeople2people Interview Centre

  12. Speak with the best recruiter(s)

Take a deep breath and get your “ducks in a row”. Starting your job search is not as daunting as it may first seem!
Once you have all the practical preparation ticked off, it is all about timing, attitude and perseverance. The new role will not come along overnight but it is out there!