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Your Next Career Move: Choosing to Work in a New Industry

Posted by Bill
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‘The world is your oyster’.

This all too common phrase is often quoted when looking for guidance in your job search. Defining your career path is truly put to the test when considering opportunities across different industries. The concept of the unknown role in a new sector can create doubt in the minds of job seekers, but the untapped potential for you to shine in a new and fresh environment can give you career satisfaction. 

So, before you sign on the dotted line of your new contract, it is important to devote time to thinking about the benefits a change in industry could bring.  


Career development

One of the biggest reasons for taking on a position in a new industry is the opportunity to learn and grow. For example, although they are both in the hospitality sector, there are differences between a fast food company and a hotel. An Operations Manager at McDonald's places a high emphasis on the speed of delivery when compared to an Operations Manager at Hilton Hotel whose focus is more likely to be on comfort and customer service. Just like McDonalds and Hilton, being able to meet the demands of different work environments can lead to you:  

•Feeling more confident in the workforce because you understand how to add value to different business models.  

•Being more employable. Exposure to a variety of industries is highly regarded by new employers as they believe you have the ability to learn quickly and adapt. 


Perks and benefits

‘What’s in it for me?’ is an all-important question when considering a change in career.  The industry you take on can provide different sources of satisfaction. The ideal scenario would be clocking into a job you are passionate about, not only because of what you do, but what your organisation does. Being at Event Coordinator for Rugby Australia could mean so much more to some individuals than others. Trying new work environments and working with different products or services, offers us the best chance to discover what we are truly passionate about and what we want to achieve in our careers. 

Besides, there may be different perks on offer in other industries that can enhance our quality of life. This could include:

•Travel - a Journalist needing to cover international stories or a designer attending fashion shows; there are plenty of opportunities to see the world across different occupations.

•Flexible hours - working from home, opportunities for a better work/life balance. 


Challenge yourself

You have not truly lived your life to the fullest if you have not tested yourself in some capacity. The workplace is an ideal place to challenge yourself. New industries can offer unique opportunities to embrace challenges.

One of the hardest, yet rewarding, things to do is to adapt to change. So, if you are looking for a new role, take on a new sector and look at the ‘working week’ with a new sense of enthusiasm.