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What Makes a Working Mum a Good Employee?

Posted by Emma
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Working Mum A Good Employee

This topic is a really close one to the heart coz, yep, I’m one of those working mums and proud of it. As a mum, we are faced with “mum guilt” all the time and it’s even worse when we head off to work. Parents are faced with hard decisions every day - is that snotty nose really sickness or just teething and are they okay to go to childcare? So, why would you choose to hire a mum who may need to make those decisions and possibly not show up to work?


More commitment to their job

Wait - how can someone be more committed if they have the responsibilities for another person and may have to take extra leave to look after a sick child? I would argue that mums only take the time out when they need to, as they need to keep sick leave or time out of work for when they really need it. Working mums know how to “soldier on” so you may not see them take sick days just because they “don’t feel like coming in today”.


Get in, do what you have to, go home

When you have a deadline to drop off and pick up from childcare, school or other arrangements, the extra hours to “fix it later” don’t exist. When you have limited time at work, you can prioritise better and get done what needs to get done.

Increased patience

Since having a little human, I can definitely say that my patience has increased. This is definitely something I have applied in the workplace. Children really know how to test your patience and the toddler tantrums because one of the two Emma Wiggles dresses aren’t clean today can prepare you for anything. Note to self… must buy more Emma Wiggles dresses.

Time out to still exist as a human

I also want to acknowledge that working is great for the mind. Going to work every day gives me the opportunity to be known as a human in my own right, rather than just “mum, mum, mum” who hits play on Peppa Pig and folds up the washing.

To all of those working mums out there - you are doing a great job juggling mum life and career life. Keep going at your juggling act to be the best mum and employee you can be.

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