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How to Create an Impressive Cover Letter for a Resume to Wow the Hiring Manager

Aimee BurtonPosted by Aimee
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How To Create An Impressive Cover Letter For A Resume To Wow The Hiring Manager

With the end of the year in sight and it being that classic time that job-seekers generally kick start their job search, I wanted to give you some insightful tips on how you can prepare an impressive cover letter as this is a tricky exercise for most.

First, don’t fall in the trap of overthinking it.

Straight away, you want to be focusing on the logic of why, on a personal and professional level, you’d be a great asset to the organisation. Use their advert and draw similarities to your experience. Use reflective language. In terms of your language, being jargon-heavy can come across as too formal and not appropriate. Remember who your audience is and tailor accordingly.

Next, acknowledge any hesitations that the Hiring Manager may have when they are reviewing your resume.

For example – “I appreciate I don’t have a wealth of experience supporting partners in a top tier law firm, however, I have offered high-level secretarial support to a team of highly reputable lawyers for the last two years in a reputable law firm and believe I am ready to rise to my next challenge.”

In your closing paragraph, reiterate your genuine interest and show off with some research on the organization to set yourself apart from your competition.

I’ll be cheeky and use people2people as an example:

“I am seeking my next challenge and with my proven experience in customer service in, I know that I thrive in a fast-paced and high performing environment.
I have noticed year on year that people2people are constantly recognised within the recruitment industry with an array of awards and I’m therefore very interested in working within your global agency to kick start my career in recruitment.”

Once complete, ask a couple of friends to read over it and ask for honest and constructive feedback.

Lastly, don’t delay in contacting your recruiter at people2people to discuss suitable job opportunities and what is on the horizon. Your specialized recruiter will be able to inform you of the current trends in your industry and ensure you are presenting yourself competitively in the market.

Hopefully this helps, and we look forward to hearing from you with a killer cover letter in hand!