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Fun Things to do in December in Sydney

Christopher Williams Posted by Christopher
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Fun Things To Do In December In Sydney

For most of my life, I have travelled the world and have been lucky enough to experience December in many countries. I must admit, not having snow and temperatures in the minus this time of year is an adjustment. Perhaps you have arrived in Sydney to a wonderful 30 degrees and want to know how to have a memorable December while staying in the holiday spirit.

This post is biased to activities based around the water…after all, it is Sydney.

Manly Ferry and Beach

In my opinion, at least one day must be experienced jumping on a ferry and heading to Manly to experience the wonderful Shelly Beach. From the moment you arrive at the Corso you will experience everything you believed a Sydney beachside town would be - great shops, great pubs, great restaurants and of course, a great beach. You can go for a swim, hire a paddleboard or experience an abundance of marine life at the aquatic reserve Cabbage Tree Bay - don’t worry the sharks are friendly.

Luna Park

Perhaps the ocean is something you prefer to look at than be in due to a few shows seen during Shark Week. A great idea to get a group of friends together and bring back your inner child by visiting Luna Park, especially at night. An old school amusement park based right on the harbour is definitely something to experience, and let’s be honest who doesn’t like bumper cars?

Taronga Zoo

One thing Australia is famous for across the world is its animals, whether they fly, crawl, swim or slither they can all be found at Taronga Zoo. I must admit, zoos are generally not something that excites me, however, the care and conservation that can be seen at Taronga are second to none. If you are a daredevil and walking around is not enough, they even have a cable car that extends the length of the zoo going directly over the enclosures. And yes, you can have your photo taken with a Koala.

Bondi Beach

I was hesitant to put this down but can a trip to Sydney really be a thing without a visit to Bondi Beach? Building on all stereotypes and clichés of tourists in Sydney, you are bound to spend a day or night here. With hundreds of world-class beaches across the state, it is tricky to see the appeal of thousands of people paddling in the same area but it is still worth a trip, even if it’s to make the family and friends back home jealous with an Instagram update (we are all guilty of this). Bondi is so much more than just the beach, with many of Sydney’s best restaurants and cafés in the area along with fantastic nightlife for all.

Of course, Sydney has so much more to offer than these activities, but they are surely fun day/night trips to put on your list and get you started. As with any place you visit with the right mindset, a carefree approach and willingness to go with the flow (yes, I just said that) will ensure you have a great time.