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Don’t Become a No-go by Being a No-show

Posted by Alicia
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It’s Monday morning.

You’ve been on the job hunt, applying for roles and lining up interviews for the week ahead. Before you know it, you get the call. The call that says “Congratulations, we would like to offer you the role. Can you start tomorrow?”

Woohoo, you’ve done it! You’ve secured your dream job and things are looking up. The celebratory drink is being poured and you’re getting ready to let everybody know of your success. There’s also the issue of what you’re going to wear. Do you need to complete a last-minute load of washing? Should you drive or catch the bus? What time do you need to leave home? Should you take a packed lunch or buy something?

I can imagine one of the last things on your mind in this very instance is the other interviews you’ve scheduled for the remainder of the week. You’ve got a new job – those don’t matter anymore!

Let me set a different scene for you.

It’s Monday morning. You’re excited because you’ve got a fantastic candidate booked in for an interview later in the day. You’ve blocked out an hour in your diary and you’ve spent time preparing. Before you know it it’s time for the interview, but your candidate hasn’t arrived. You don’t get the call. The call that says “thank you for considering my application, however, I have secured a new role and would like to cancel our interview”. Instead, you get a no-show.

Another scenario involves you being scheduled to meet with a potential employer, which has been arranged by your recruiter. Now it’s the client as well as the recruiter wondering if your car has broken down or a disaster has befallen you.

Communication is vital to your job search, even after you’ve secured a role. It might not be the right opportunity for you today, but you never know when you may cross paths with that recruitment consultant or potential employer again. By becoming a ‘no-show’, you could potentially be burning bridges and in turn, become a ‘no-go’.

Remember to be respectful of everybody’s time. By updating your recruiter on your availability, it will be highly beneficial in the long run.