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Honour Awards 2019 - Thank you

Bianca Luck Posted by Bianca
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Too many businesses in Australia give diversity and inclusion merely lip service. The recruitment industry is no different.

At People2People we don’t and won’t. For us, this started some time back. It came from the top - Our group Managing Director Mark Smith passionately spread the message to us about its importance. With momentum and over time it’s has become a powerful force.

Every day we’re educating our clients because it’s engrained in our beliefs and values.  

‘Everyone has a place in the workforce, and we all have skills that need to be utilised and shared.

None more so than for our young people - they are our future. Give them absolute freedom to be comfortable in their own skin and wonderful things will happen in our businesses, in our communities and in our society. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to sit on the selection panel for the Young Person’s award. To me, all the nominees are winners. Your contribution to driving change is truly amazing. The four wonderful nominees are…..Dylan Lloyd, Alexander Lamarque, Victoria Anthony, and Liam Davies.

….and the winner of the Young Achievers Award is...

Liam Davies!

As an openly gay man who came out when he was only 15 in a small country high school, Liam has witnessed first-hand the social and support change needed for LGBTIQ+ community members. He is a founding member of Pride Active, organiser of the Rainbow on the Plains Festival, Vice Chair of Hay Mardi Gras, and runner-up of Mr Gay Pride Australia 2019. The Rainbow on the Plains Festival in Hay NSW attracted thousands of people to celebrate LGBTIQ+ community and culture.  Pride Active is a community-based organisation that supports and connects LGBTIQ+ members who live in rural and regional areas. As a passionate advocate, he believes community connection is essential for mental health and he shares the importance of anti-bullying, inclusion and having a positive sense of belonging.  

Well done Liam, you are truly an inspiration.