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Five Skills Employers Look For in a Contractor

Kellie ChehadePosted by Kellie
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As the engagement of contractors and flexible workforces increases globally, employers are navigating the complexities of assessing skill in addition to behavioural based competencies to identify high calibre contractors.

As a result of this flexible workforce trend, an increased number of people are trying their hand at contracting which has left areas of the market crowded, created less workflow stability and a greater choice for employers.

What this means for contractors is, that in today’s competitive market, they must stand out from the crowd and model the top five most desirable contractor qualities.


This might not always spring to mind as a high value trait, but the truth is contractors will typically need to collaborate with many individuals and teams to accomplish the task at hand. The ability to connect with people and build relationships intertwines with their ability to do the job.

Problem solving skills

A contractor must highlight their ability to be solutions focussed and be proactive in identifying the needs of the organisation, creating that seamless transition.


If you have been engaged as a contractor for a specific duration what you can offer the employer is peace of mind. The ability to demonstrate that you will do what you say you will and complete the contract in its entirety is important. References from previous contract roles are a great way to convey this.

Organisational skills

This is the ability to outline the individual steps required to achieve an outcome. For example, what are the time constraints and variables that need to be considered?  This attention to detail required is an important marketable skill.


Ever heard the expression “sink or swim”? A contractor’s ability to effectively manage multiple parties’ expectations is crucial. A contractor is often required to get involved in a variety of processes so having the ability to multitask and think on your feet is key.

Mastering these five qualities will ensure that you will always be in demand as a contractor, enabling you to have more control over where and when you work.

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