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Automation, AI and the Labour Market – What to Expect?

Posted by Erin
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people2people’s Melbourne based Managing Director, Erin Devlin, was interviewed last week on Channel 7 – The Daily Edition. Here are three key takeaways you need to be aware of:

1.      Automation and artificial intelligence will deeply affect the labour market. However, AI and automation will also drive job creation. Jobs with a human touch won’t disappear.

"The first jobs to go will be those that are routine and process-oriented, so we're going to see those easily replaced with computers and artificial intelligence. But if you're in a job that has a human element to it as well, those sorts of jobs are much harder to replace with computers,” Devlin said.

2.      We need to rethink the way we engage with customers. New technologies (and older technologies such as the internet!) have disrupted the customer journey. Businesses need to adapt to make the most of these changes.

“It's also a reflection on us as consumers - previously, we'd walk into a store and ask a sales assistant about the benefits and features of a product. But now we've got better access to data, so we're doing that research before we even go into the store."

3.      Mental health is more important than ever. Company policies and actions must be aligned to what job seekers are looking for today. If this is overlooked, companies may risk losing high-calibre talent to competitors.

"In the workforce, we're seeing an increase towards flexible and casual work and even part-time work, and people are choosing these for lifestyle reasons. As we move towards a slightly more wealthy situation for some people, we're also going to see an increase in health and fitness, beauty and education.”

(Watch the full interview ‘How automation and artificial intelligence will affect your job’ on 7news.com.au)

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