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How to Make a Great Start in Your New Role

Posted by Meaghan
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Congratulations – you have the job!

These are thrilling words to hear, especially if you have been through a long and complex recruitment process.

Obtaining a new position can be exciting, yet nerve wracking.  Take confidence in the fact that you have been expertly matched to your new role by your people2people consultant.  If you are working elsewhere, you will find information and an excellent video on handling your resignation in the people2people Interview Centre. Once the excitement of the interview process is over you need to continue working to your usual high standard and complete any projects you have committed to during your notice period. A good departure sets the scene for a great beginning in your new role.

As your start date approaches, it’s time to think about your attire for your first few weeks in your new role. As a guide, wear something similar to what you wore during your interviews. Once you are in the role you will be able to gauge the dress code and expectations at your new organisation. It’s also advisable to investigate your various transport options and timetables if you will be commuting via public transport. You don’t want to miss your bus stop and be late on your first day.

Starting a new role will often feel strange and different. It’s not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and anxious in the early days - give yourself time to settle in.  Remember when you started your last position?  You didn’t know the whole team, the systems or daily tasks right away but eventually you did.  Be kind to yourself! 

Be positive, friendly, try to remember people’s names (checking the website for corporate profiles can help!), take notes and ask questions. It is very important to listen, you can learn a lot about your new job by just understanding what is going on around you. Check in with your people2people consultant during your first week and let them know how you are settling in. Remember we are only a phone call away should any issues arise.

Wishing you all the best with your new position as you write the next chapter of your career story!