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First Impressions Last: Successful Onboarding Leads to Successful Employees

Posted by Sally
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Depending on the role, the recruitment process can be lengthy. For the final candidate an offer and acceptance are the exciting result of potentially weeks of calls, interviews, testing and hoops to jump through. Before the start date, candidates are often keen to start and look forward to the next chapter in their career. However, all this can fall to pieces if their first few days and weeks are disorganised and shambolic.

Business Insider reported that six in 10 Australian managers have had a new employee resign in their probation period due to poor onboarding processes. For everyone involved, this can be costly and inconvenient. It can be rectified through by implementing a few simple but structured steps:

  • Create an onboarding document that outlines what is needed for an employee to be effectively onboarded and how long this should take. Ensure someone owns this to ensure a consistent experience for everyone.

  • Even if the recruitment process was handled through an agency, reach out to employee prior to their start date. Have them fill out key forms prior to starting and ensure all relevant IT systems and log-ins are ready for their first day.

  • Create a training schedule that covers training such as OH&S, learning about company objectives and goals, and role relevant responsibilities.

  • Arrange meetings for the new employee to be introduced to the relevant stakeholders, managers, and company leaders.

  • This schedule can and should be extended beyond the probation period and should include a long-term performance development plan and additional learning.

It is in everyone’s interest for a new employee to stay and succeed. From the offer and acceptance stage, employers should make new employees feel welcome and equipped to do well in their new job. Initially, they will need regular guidance, so having their Manager or HR check in frequently will aid in the onboarding experience.

When you have invested so much time, not to mention money, sourcing a suitable new employee for your team, the last thing you want to do is see everything fall apart in the first few weeks or months.  Remember, first impressions last, so get the onboarding right and give your new team member an experience that will be memorable for all the right reasons.