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The Difference Between Benefits and the Nice to Haves

Posted by Brad
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In the first half of 2019, people2people released our annual market trends and salary survey report, called the p2p Post.

This report benchmarks salaries across our specialisations and it also discusses trends regarding people move jobs. One of the big trends we are seeing in the market, is that people are willing to change jobs for more enticing non financial benefits, rather than just a salary increase.

I was chatting to a friend of mine around benefits and one thing he said to me really left me thinking, maybe I have been looking at benefits the wrong way. I was discussing what previous employers had offered me when applying for a job with their organisation, such as Friday night drinks, birthday celebrations, casual dress etc.

My friend said to me, “they’re not benefits, they’re nice to haves”.

Whenever you are interviewing for a role, try to sift through a lot of the ‘smoke’ that some employers may try and put in front of you, as an enticing factor. Things to look for are flexible working hours, the flu shot, working from home options, health & wellbeing benefits, amongst other incentives. The other ‘benefits’ on offer, such as those Friday night drinks, are a ‘nice to have’.

It’s important to ensure you are fully informed regarding your prospective new job and all that goes with it, particularly if the benefits on offer are a major determining factor for you to move from your current role and into a new one.

 Your goal is to be able to engage fully with your new organisation, for a long period of time!