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Joining people2people

Posted by Anais
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After finishing my four year degree in Commerce and Global Studies, with a major in Human Resources, I decided to apply for a role at people2people Melbourne as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant. I was thrilled when I got the call saying I got the job, the hard work had paid off! If I could give any advice interviewing as a graduate, it’s to go in prepared, be genuine and pay attention. Research the company where you’re interviewing, know the person you’re meeting, have some relevant stories to tell, and (try to) remember everyone that you meet.  


First day

My first day at people2people was full of nerves and excitement, but that quickly went away. The team were very welcoming and friendly, and I knew that whatever I was feeling or going through, they’d experienced it too. Although it was a massive transition from my previous pharmacy assistant role, I enjoyed learning new processes, programs, systems, and really a new industry as a whole. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone.


Training and Challenges

The first couple of weeks involved a lot of training with a variety of staff, who all taught me so much. As this is my first graduate position, I don’t have a lot to compare it to but the training here has been great. As a recent graduate who has been fortunate enough to experience that investment in training, I would encourage others making the transition out of university to look for companies willing to do the same. In my first week alone I had one-to-one sessions, online tutorial videos, systems training, call training and CV preparation training to name a few! I could then confidently navigate my way around our IT system, I progressed into the next phase of recruitment, which involved the job seekers. I was informed of the questions to ask job seekers and how important customer service in this role really is. It was challenging for me at first as, admittedly, I had a fear of the phones. However, I have adjusted and become more comfortable. Settling into any new job is difficult, but if you have an employer who is willing to provide guidance and invest the time in you, then your experience will be far less daunting!



The first highlight I encountered at people2people was a business development day. The atmosphere was electrifying. This was definitely a day where I was pushed out of my comfort zone, considering the majority of the day was spent on the phone. I managed to speak with passive job seekers which was exciting. But the most memorable highlight so far was assisting four job seekers into new jobs, all in the same week. This signified to me the importance of customer service and that hard work pays off. I am looking forward to helping many more great people.

I am now adjusting to the fast paced environment of recruitment life and this job teaches you the value of persistence, resilience and trusting your own judgement. Recruitment definitely challenges you, but it has been a great learning experience, that has boosted my confidence immensely. I am excited to see what the future of recruitment at people2people has in store for me.