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HR Professionals Come Hither

Leanne Lazarus Posted by Leanne
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Working with and specializing in the HR space in Brisbane, I have always found it interesting to hear about the challenges, the rewards, the changes, and the situations that HR professionals deal with daily – and I take my hat off to them! 

HR is one of the  areas that has gone through (and is still going through) tremendous change – from the days when it was called Personnel Management and was very transactional, to now, where it is more strategically focused yet still hands on with the day to day operations.  Today HR often sits on the leadership / executive team to help define the company vision and strategy. This allows the organisation to then align the HR strategy with the overarching goals and drives the culture along the way.

Each industry has its own HR challenges, ranging from:

  • Diversity and inclusion  

  • Managing illness in the workplace

  • Legislation changes – e.g. casualization

  • Employee relations

  • Learning and development

  • Remuneration and benefits

The list goes on – which is why we, at people2people Brisbane, have been holding small, informal and consultative HR forum events to bring together a diverse range of HR professionals, to not only discuss hot topics but to share best practice and help others in similar situations.

If you are a HR professional in Brisbane (or beyond), we would be keen to hear from you about the topics you want to know more about. This will assist us in sourcing the best speaker/s who can deliver and share in a safe, open forum environment.  From a business partner perspective, we will ensure you have the sustenance to keep the information and ideas flowing – and yes that will include a piping hot coffee!

So please share your thoughts, ideas, and topics on what you, as an HR professional, would be keen to know more about. And if you are interested in receiving an invitation to the next forum, send us a message today!