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Congratulations to the Super Rugby Winners of the 2019 Footy Tipping Competition!

Remi Marcelin Posted by Remi
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As the Super Rugby season – and with it, the people2people Footy Tipping Competition – is coming to a close, we congratulate some of our recent weekly winners, who were awarded either a bottle of wine or movie tickets for being the top tippers of the week.

Fiona has her 2nd bottle of wine and although she has won super rugby and NRL, AFL is her favourite sport! She follows Richmond, bet against her team, and they won!


Rapti is off to the movies – Rocket Man? There has to be some benefit in having a husband who is an avid sports fan. Well done guys, enjoy!


Adam Freeland is a champion tipper and was people2people's top tipper of the week for the second time in three weeks. Certainly one to watch. Well done, Adam!


Stay tuned for our announcement of the AFL and NRL competition winners!