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In April, people2people Victoria hosted an event for our valued clients, with best selling author and time saving expert, Kate Christie as our key note speaker.

Now I’ll admit, I didn’t know there was such a specialisation as a Time Saving Expert before this event, but I walked out of there with a whole new perception on time. It was very much about six mistakes we all make and looking at how to change those habits that are costing us a lot of time within our work days. One great piece of advice Kate was able to give, was looking at whether you are a morning, mid or late afternoon person. Whichever you are, that is when you should be concentrating less on mundane tasks (like emails) and focus on tasks that require you to be at your most switched on.

Another tip Kate gave, was picture one word which sums up your business day. The next word to appear on the screen was ‘BUSY’ which is what I’m sure everyone in that room, including myself, was thinking. She spoke about working on a triage/ priority system and how it must be implemented across your whole team, for it to be truly effective.

I have weekly targets that are required to be met and since moving to a new city and working on a new market specialisation which was/is unfamiliar territory to me, I was struggling to meet my targets. After listening to the different pieces of advice from Kate though, I was able to change my whole perception. I broke down my weekly targets into daily targets and what I realised is by implementing this method, I  not only can achieve my weekly targets but exceed them. I find if I don’t complete my targets on one day, then it rolls over into the next, so it forces me to make sure that I am hitting them every day. Otherwise, it will make the rest of my week even busier.

If your current method of working isn’t achieving your targets, think about how you can change your method in order to achieve, them every single time. Part of being in a business is to pull your weight to help drive the organisation to its maximum potential, so take some time to read Kate’s book and look at how you can maximise your time management to reach your goals.