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Whether the Weather

Posted by Sian
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Job seekers sometimes call to cancel or postpone their interviews and we definitely find these calls increase when the weather starts to look grim.

If you've lived in Brisbane, you will know that in the middle of February, a five-minute walk in the humidity can turn your makeup from perfect to terrifying, or make you look as though you have just swum 1500 metres.

Have you ever cancelled an interview with your recruiter because it's pouring with rain, because you fear the wind will blow you in the wrong direction and change your perfectly groomed presentation, or because you've just gone out to your car to fry eggs on the car bonnet? We'd like to know…

Cancellations happen and we know that. But we also know that cancellations require time, to take the call, delete the appointment, wait for your call back or make it ourselves, recreate the appointment, reconfirm by email or phone. Each individual task takes very little time, but the entire process can be tedious to get through.  When an appointment is rescheduled on multiple occasions and then cancelled, it can be frustrating when we continue to reshuffle our schedules to fit someone in, or move other people around.  It can really be challenging when we get the feeling the cancellation isn't based on genuine reasons, or if start to think the job seeker is not being completely open with us. 

Want to make a good impression, but still need to cancel and reschedule? Call with an alternative time/day already in mind. Have a plan for how you'll eventually get in touch with us again. Remember that we keep track of who does and doesn't make their appointments. Maybe that doesn't matter to you now, but what about in 8 years when you're back on the job market and we're advertising your dream role? 


Be honest. If there's a tidal wave approaching, I'll understand if you need to cancel your appointment! And I'll be VERY happy if you're able to reschedule on the spot!