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What Really Happens When You Lie On Your Resume

Posted by Isabella
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Bending the truth when writing your resume, is more common than you would think. Whether it’s adjusting position titles to better suit the role for which you are applying or shortening employment gaps to show consistency; it’s a just bad idea.

You’ll get caught out

From the initial review of your resume, to the phone screen, to the interview process and then reference checks; if your story isn’t consistent with your actual experience then the truth will come out. There have been situations where even years down the track, executives have been let go after their employer discovered they have fabricated elements of their resume.

AND even if the truth doesn’t come out...

You won’t get the right job for you

Are you really going to find the role that suits you best if your recruiter doesn’t know what’s truly important to you? Small ‘lies’ may seem like they are harmless, but eventually, it might land you in a role that is not the right fit for you. It could cause more disruption to your career path than you expect.

One of the most common ‘missteps’ a job seeker can tell, relates to their career goals to suit the role for which they are interviewing,  e.g. where do you see yourself in 5 years? This question is aimed at discovering your career goals and if you enjoy the line of work. If you aren’t completely ‘up front’, you ultimately, won’t get the right job for you. It works against both you and that of your prospective employer.

It’s in your best interests to be honest

Instead of being faced with an embarrassing situation of being caught out, consider explaining the gaps in your cover letter. That way you’ll be proactively addressing them and not having to cover yourself later in the process. Consider redrafting and making a few small changes to your resume. This can help you make a better impression on the hiring manager, without having to bend the truth.

There are plenty of resources out there to show you how to make your resume stand out without fabrication, check out this link to learn more.