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The Recruitment Agency Process

Posted by Jessica
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There are several stages in the recruitment process when you decide to use the services of a  recruitment agency and these can be broken down into the following


The recruiter will gather as much information about the role as possible, for example, the main day to day responsibilities and what the successful job seeker in the role will look like. What essential skills they need to have and what sort of team they will be working in.


There are several ways a recruiter can commence a search process from sources such as the database, networks, digital and social media as an example.

Telephone screening

Sourcing top quality talent who may or may not be on the market is what makes recruiters a popular choice. Screening talent is vital to ensure qualifications, culture fit and the nature of the role are all suitable.

The interview

Selecting the right interview technique and making sure a thorough face to face interview is conducted, drilling down on experience and finding out exactly what they are looking for. A structured interview is usually the best way to discover this.

Submit your resume to the hiring manager

If you and the job tick all the boxes, the next step is to submit your resume to the hiring manager (after having asked your permission) and wait for their feedback.

The interview with the hiring manager

We arrange and provide you with interview tips and additional information about the job.

The job offer

The hiring manager will make a job offer through your recruitment consultant and clarify and negotiate salary, bonuses, allowances and any other benefits applicable.

Once the offer has been accepted, a start date is arranged. The consultant is also on hand to provide advice and support through the resignation process if the successful job seekers are leaving their current place of employment. This advice and support also continues once you have commenced your new job, to ensure you are settling in well.