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5 Ways to Learn About an Organisation’s Culture in an Interview.

Ben Wheeler Posted by Ben
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‘Culture’ is considered to be just about the most critical piece of the puzzle when looking to accept a job offer.

Here are the top ways to learn about an organisation’s culture:

  • It’s fast and easy to ‘’Google’’ your potential employer.  What does their online brand portray?  Many organisations will have a social media presence that allows you to get a good understanding of what their culture looks like; research their social media through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  Whilst review websites on your prospective employer can be insightful, they do not always provide a fair portrayal of the company.

  • Arrive early and observe.  If you have the opportunity to sit in reception, take it; it is amazing what you can learn about the company culture from there.  Strike up a conversation with whomever greets you.  Seeing how the other employees interact can be very telling.

  • Interview your interviewer, ‘’what keeps you here?’’.  ‘’How would you describe the culture?’’  Pay attention to the time it takes to get a response.  You will quickly be able to spot the rehearsed corporate line, versus someone who is passionate about their organisation.

  • Ask your network, it is highly likely someone in your network will have interacted with this organisation.  An organisation’s reputation is very telling.  Generally, organisations with a poor company culture will be talked about…….a lot.

  • What are the organisation’s values?  Are they defined?  Do they align with your own?

Hopefully, these tips help you to make the right decision.  Joining an organisation with a ’bad’ culture, perceived or otherwise, is often the reason people are looking for a new role in the first place!