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Why Do You Love Your Job?

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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Romantic Relationships vs Your Job

The relationship with your job is a bit like a romantic relationship. In the honeymoon period, it’s all rosy and exciting; you love everything about it. But sometimes, after a while cracks appear, you see the flaws and the excitement of it being shiny and new fades. Think Married at First Sight’s Matt and Lauren for example (Matt now wants to run a mile)!

You loved it at first, it was everything you were looking for and now even the way he breathes-oh sorry I’m off track... 



Finding the Love

Let’s take a minute to be grateful and to try and bring the love back.  Firstly, you are so lucky to even have a job, to have a purpose to get up each day! We meet so many candidates who are dying to gain employment.

Leaving and finding something new isn’t always the answer, perhaps you can work with what you already have. Look for all the positive things about your role;

  • What keeps you there? Is it the team you’re in?

  • Do you have a great manager? Is it the work itself?

  • What parts of your job do you really enjoy?

  • How can you harness that and do more of what you love?


Why I Love My Job

For me, personally I’m lucky that I all round love my job and the company I work for - but that doesn’t mean I’m not human. It still has its challenges, hard days and days where I need to refresh and find my motivation.

One part of my job that I really enjoy is seeing people blossom and build their confidence, so whether that’s my team internally and helping them to grow or providing candidates with advice and tips so they can realise their worth and excel in interviews – I try to maximise on this as much as possible.

So, it is valentines after all…have a think about it, why do you love your job?

If it really is time to break up and find something new please give me a call on 08 6160 6201.