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The Interview: Is It as Tricky as It Seems?

Posted by Bill
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There are a small number of times in life when nervousness, pressure and preparation all snowball into one event.

This limited list can include grand finals, a tough exam or going on that very first date. However, another occasion that may sneak into this diverse group, is the all important interview, for that job you really want. I am here to tell you the truth, interviews should not be included in this intimidating list of events. A few simple steps such as being natural, applying for the right roles and answering the questions at hand, will provide you with the best opportunity and the confidence to succeed in landing your dream job.

Throughout an interview, the employer aims to discover if you have the skill set for the job, but they also and more importantly, try to determine if you have the personality that fits their team and business culture. The idea of having your personality tested and judged starts to bring out emotions such as anxiety, prior to heading into the interview. This is unnecessary, as the key and only solution to this is quite simply being yourself. All in all, an interview is fundamentally a conversation. It is a golden opportunity to reveal to potential employers our passions and objectives within the workplace. This may include telling the interviewer you prefer working within teams, like learning new systems or are looking for long term career progression. Do not hesitate to be honest in such a meeting because the interviewer is begging for someone who has character and clear goals. An interview in which your goals are identified creates the potential for both parties to mutually conclude, if this is the right choice, for both of you.

Essentially, an interview is an opportunity to sell yourself.

Expressing your long term objectives promotes yourself, but let’s not forgot how important examples can be. Giving the employer previous real-life examples of how you overcame challenges in the workplace or excelled with a task, is the key towards standing out among other individuals interviewing for the same role. Do not be afraid to discuss your academic achievements or occasions in the workplace where your idea, made a process quicker. It comes back to fundamentals, that an interview is a conversation, so try to make it memorable and interesting for the interviewer. 

Excelling in the interview is determined even before you enter the room or shake the interviewer’s hand. It is essential that you are applying for positions that you really want to secure. An interviewer will see right through you, if you aren’t passionate about the role. Listen to the advice we were all given as kids and follow your passions. Apply to employers you really look up to, industries that you want to contribute to and job roles that show off your skills. Instead of ‘speed applying’ for roles online, be smart and strategic by reading the job brief and researching the organisation to understand if this would be a role you would really enjoy and commit to. The interviewer wants to sit with someone who essentially really wants to be in the room.

Stop and breathe right before entering the interview because you really should not panic. An interview is an opportunity to show others what you are all about. This includes what your passions are, what you would like to achieve and what you have already accomplished.

All of us should crave for opportunities like this, in which we can express ourselves. Entering an interview with a positive mind set, will lead to great rewards and the best opportunity to secure that great new job.