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Personal Development Is Necessary for Professional Development

Posted by Jamie
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Personal development requires a constant reflection and questioning of ourselves.

Who are we? How do we relate to others? Are our ideas about ourselves? All of which requires constant revision throughout our lives. It is a lifelong process and is a means for people to evaluate their skills and qualities, to set goals to maximise their full potential.

Personal development within a group environment such as the workplace, provides an opportunity to understand and experience we relate to others and identify our strengths and weaknesses. You should always be open to appraisal and feedback on your current performance. This information is valuable and productive to you and your manager, in terms of growth and maturity and because sometimes we are blind to our own limitations and which may lead to stifling our professional development.

Professional conduct, core beliefs, and personal integrity are interwoven with personal development. Personal development is a process of lifelong learning through a process of internal analysis, reflection and questioning.  Only the individual has the power and authority to make changes to their performance and attitude. A constant examination of previously held beliefs, together with current knowledge, needs constant re-examination to grasp new information, to facilitate this growth. Personal development should be a lifelong commitment, to be constantly prepared for obstacles and challenges, which may be encountered throughout a lifetime.