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How to Get a Job in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa

Posted by Beki
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As I am working in recruitment and have a working holiday visa (WHV), I am often asked:

How easy is it to get a job in Australia?

Many people think that being on a WHV means that you are restricted to working in bars and restaurants, however, this is definitely not the case. There are of course restraints, as you are only allowed to work up to 6 months with a single employer, but this doesn’t mean you can’t gain professional experience! Here are a few tips to help you do all you can, so you can secure the best job (for you) Down Under!

Of course, if your goal is to work and travel, hospitality can be a great option! Hostels will always have jobs for travellers as well as bars and cafes. However, if like me, you came to Australia in your mid 20’s, looking to travel for a while but ultimately feeling like you were at a stage where you wanted to work in a corporate environment, then here is my advice on how to get a job. 

Be realistic about what you’re looking for

The likelihood of you securing a role within an industry that you have never worked in is very slim, especially as they can only keep you on for half a year. Rather, look at your resume, think about what experience you have and the skills you’ve gained.

I came to Australia with an extensive background in retail management, but I wanted to move away from working weekends and move into a more corporate role. So I looked at my skill set and thought to myself how I love working with people and being in a sales environment. So for me, recruitment was a natural progression. 

Think about what you have to offer and why an employer would take you on for a short period of time; in place of an Australian resident. It’s up to you to convince your temporary employer, that you can hit the ground running and be valuable, even on a short term basis. 

Remember, you are one of many people who are travelling in Australia trying to find work, so make sure your resume is clear and comprehensive. Don’t be disheartened if you are unsuccessful, stay positive and make sure you apply for a wide range of roles. 

For some added advice, you can always check out another one of our blogs on how to revamp your resume.

Another great option for people on working holiday visas is temping

The great thing about temping is that the jobs need to be filled urgently and travellers are often the most flexible people of all. Temporary contracts can range from days, weeks to months and if you have the right background and are available to start immediately, they will take you on in a heartbeat! 

Temporary roles pop up in every industry, which means there is bound to be something to suit you and your skillset. You can work for a few weeks or a few months, which is ideal when you’re on a WHV as it gives you flexibility! 

Recruitment agencies are here to help you find the right role

Rather than endlessly searching online for jobs, get in touch with a recruiter and let them help you narrow the search!

If you are on a working holiday visa and available to start immediately, then please give people2people a call. We have many job opportunities that we would be more than happy to discuss with you! You can also have a look at the jobs on our website and apply directly online.