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What Is the Future Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in 2019?

Posted by Sally
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As with most job functions over time, digital marketing jobs will become more specialised, a trend we’ve seen start to happen in 2018 and certainly something we’ll see more of in 2019.

Personalising the customer experience, artificial intelligence and data driven insights and strategy, are all major trends in marketing, which will influence a digital marketer’s focus and scope.

  • Personalising the customer experience: In an age where advertising is expected across every digital and social platform, consumers seek to choose and modify what they see. Fully understanding a customer’s persona and buying journey, will enable marketers to develop relevant content and targeted advertising will increase ROI and spend.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) ties closely into the above point. Although still in its infancy, combining AI with personalised content, offers marketers to reach a more targeted audience. Soon, chat bots will be able to have ‘real’ conversations and evolve into a practical tool for businesses and consumers.​

  • Data driven insights: Marketers often struggle with measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns. Calculating ROI is only possible when you have accurate data on what is driving traffic and conversion. Digital marketers need to become more data savvy and implement the right systems to do so.

We won’t see major shifts to digital marketing in 2019, but marketers with specialist skillsets across data, AI and customer experience, will see themselves in higher demand. The landscape is changing, fast. It’s up to everyone – from CMOs to marketing assistants – to keep up with this pace of change!