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Wax-On Wax Off

Posted by Francesca
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No, this is not about hair removal!

It’s about the knack of repetition.

During some recent inclement weather, I was surfing cable TV stations and stumbled upon the (original) ‘Karate Kid’ movie. Of course, I skipped past it.
Ok, I didn’t, I hit play.

It’s a great ‘feel-good movie’ and even though a bit cheesy and highly predictable at times, it reminded me of our values at in work place.  We recently had a company-wide health check of what our culture represents and I found that this movie had all the components of our values acronym STRIDE, which I would like to share.

  • The Strength to keep going, even when times are tough.

  • The Teamwork required to accomplish goals.

  • The Respect of everyone with whom we engage.

  • The Integrity required to carry out our designated roles.

  • The Drive – the wanting to do great things

  • ...and Enterprise, finding new ways to achieve our goals.

Where are the similarities?

It’s the discipline to repeat even the smallest of things that matter.  The ‘wax-on/wax-off’ routine which eventually pays off, such as returning calls, being honest, showing real respect and courtesy for colleagues, customers, job seekers and suppliers alike.  I have found these to be THE most important qualities to strengthen and keep life-long relationships and with continual practice, becomes second nature, just like ‘wax-on/wax off’.