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6 Career Resolutions You Should Take for the New Year

Posted by Ami
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A New Year, a new start!

How many of us welcome the opportunity for change but don’t actually follow through on those promises to ourselves? This year, take stock of your career and hold yourself accountable. Here are some suggestions for your New Year career resolutions:

  1. Understand your company values: It’s important to understand and identify if your company’s vision aligns with your own. As an employee, you are an advocate for your team. Be honest with yourself- do you believe in what you are doing and why you are doing it?

  2. Learn a new skill: You never know when a new skill will come in handy, or what opportunities might be created from mastering it. It’s also a great way to demonstrate to your current employer that you are eager and willing to go above and beyond, a trait that is desirable to hiring managers if you do consider looking around for new job opportunities.

  3. Make healthy decisions at work: Get out of the office for fresh air at lunch time, alternate standing and sitting, sign up to a before/after work gym class, limit checking your work emails after hours, or swap that second coffee for green tea- all these little things will add up and you’ll start feeling the difference almost immediately.

  4. Clean out your digital filing cabinets: Give some love to those disorganised folders, or delete all those unnecessary icons on your desktop! The old saying is “A clean kitchen equals a clean mind” and the same applies to your work desk. Watch your productivity sky rocket if your tools and equipment are easily accessible.

  5. Build relationships/networks: Relationships are invaluable, and you never know where they might lead or what you might learn from maintaining them. Make an effort to be kind, build relationships and network with people at all levels. People will remember how you made them feel and you never know where or when that good karma will be returned.

  6. Have fun: We spend so much of our adult lives at work, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while doing it! Knuckle down when you need to, but get involved with work place social activities, celebrate the success of yourself and others and be able to laugh at yourself! Work won’t feel like ‘work’ when you’re able to have a laugh with those around you.

Take a few of these away, and your 2019 at work may even be a lot brighter!