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Why Is It Important to Have Transferrable Skills for the Roles I Apply For?

Aiden Boast Posted by Aiden
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So you are working in a specific role or industry and been in the same role for some time and looking for a change. You’re fed up of doing the same thing over and over and want to have a fresh start in a new and exciting role.

What do you do?

Using your previous experience would be hugely beneficial. It is important for employers to not only focus on the hard skills, but also the softer skills. These are just as significant and making connections in your career will enable you to be that well rounded and experienced job seeker.

My first role was working as a chef. I wanted to get into a sales related role and took the time to apply specifically to entry-level positions which required strong time management skills, ability to handle stressful situations and a confident manner. I took the time to point out my relevant experience in my current career with my resume and covering letter and was veryfortunate and given a shot.

So why are transferable skills so important?

Using the services of a recruitment agency can lead you to some fantastic jobs, including positions of which you weren’t even aware. Most employers use the services of a recruitment agency when they have a specific set of requirements and expect these to be met. However, we are recruitment consultants after all and can consult. There is always room for flexibility and having a transferable skill can lead you to a new and successful career.

If you are applying for a new role but you don’t tick all the boxes, try as best as you can to identify in the job description, similar skills and attributes you do have. Take the time to edit your resume and try not to have a ‘general resume’. This can go a long way to pointing out the relevant skills in your covering letter. Applying for something completely irrelevant won’t get you far and could make some employees think that you haven’t thought through the requirements of those roles you have applied for.

If you do want to change your career completely, pursue some additional education or intern/work experience first.