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Social Media No-No’s!

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It is no secret that potential employers check social media sites on potential employees applying for positions within their organisations.

Simply typing your name into the google search engine can provide an employer with access to your life. Whether that is through the pictures you’ve posted, statuses you’ve typed up, or simply posts you’ve shared.



When applying for a job it is crucial that you are careful with what information you share on your social media pages. Although to some this may seem unfair as it is a common way for us all to express ourselves and opinions, unfortunately, your social media could be used against you when you are active in the job market.

Let’s be honest, it is a lot of common sense and can be described in one phrase: “If you wouldn’t speak to your Grandma that way, don’t post it!”


So, who is viewing your social media?

Unfortunately, it is not just potential employers that could be scouting your social media, it can also be your current employer! So, if you are having second thoughts on some of the content you are posting then I would encourage you to not post it.

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are the top three picks by employers to get an idea of the person you are, so it is a good idea if you haven’t already, to change your settings to private - although this is not the complete solution. It is still our recommendation to be cautious about what you post online for others to see.

So, what can you do? Start by googling your own name and seeing what information becomes available to you. Try to put on your ‘Potential Employer’ hat to make a judgement on what is appropriate and what is not. If you become unsure, ask a friend, or someone whose opinion you value, to make a sound and honest, judgement call for you.

Another piece of advice, which may be obvious to some but not always to others is: unless your job allows it, or there is a need for it, don’t surf the internet in your work time! This could potentially show your employer that you do not take your job seriously, or that you don’t value a good work ethic.

Remember, your social media reflects you. So what type of message do you want to send to a potential employer or your current one? Is it that of a wild child party animal, or is it that of a professional person, who is responsible, mature and sensible?


A Story from P2P…

At P2P, we believe it is important to let job seekers know of the dangers of posting inappropriate content online. Recently, this type of unfortunate circumstance happened to one of our candidates and cost them the job.



Being wary of what you post online, it won’t be erasing who you are as a person. Just be vigilant!