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Am I going to See You Again? The 2nd Interview

Posted by Francesca
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I've been in the recruitment and HR field for many years and I always remember my first mentor manager saying

 "The way we get people jobs is to get them in front of hiring managers!"

Now if you're familiar with my slightly sarcastic sense of humour, I used to think to myself, "duh!" However, what became even more apparent over time, was how to get them in front of them .... again! Yes, that's right, the all-important second interview!

Your application to a new and exciting role requires an outstanding resume and your ability to relate to the recruiter, usually over the phone, the relevance of your experience and enthusiasm to win a face-to-face meeting.

Then - you're there!

Face to face with a decision maker, either an HR or Talent partner or indeed, with your future boss. I'm not going to elaborate on the obvious check-list; presentation, punctuality, do your research (on both the company and your future boss), have solid and relevant examples or evidence of your experience to show that you can transition to this new position - all good.

Then what?

There's usually a silent pause before that non-verbal 'pause' that the interview has almost come to an end and at this point, most job seekers let out a silent sigh of relief because let's face it - it can be a stressful experience. And yet, it's at this exact time that you should be prepared for a comeback to life, with some strategic questions that will ensure that you won't be forgotten and will most certainly increase your chances of a second interview.

Please don't ask anything relating to salary, working hours, parking, benefits, attire or any other trivial matter. Ask questions that will be remembered; eg, "I noticed that you've been with the Company 5 years. What is it about this company that you enjoy?", "what would you expect me to do differently/better than the incumbent?", "How do you think I would fit into this culture?" and so many more questions that don't necessarily relate to the actual "doing" of the job (we know you can do that!) but more about attitude, culture fit and drive.

Try it next time, I dare you! You've got nothing to lose.