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10 Key Points To Keep A Strong Working Relationship With Your Recruiter

Peta Seaman Posted by Peta
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1- Don’t be a NO show

Don’t be a no show, whether this is your attendance at your interview/registration with the recruiter or working on an assignment. Not showing up will only have a negative impact for you. If you can’t make your appointment time or are unwell for work, please call.

2- Call and check in with your recruiter

We want to help you find a job, let your recruiter know when your circumstances change. Keeping your recruiter informed means you will be at the top of the list when the right job comes up.

3- If you commit to an assignment, make sure you see it through to the end

You have accepted a 6-week temporary assignment and 2 weeks in you have been offered a permanent job. A position that you can’t knock back. Provide your recruiter/employer with notice. Advising them today and not showing up to work for the remainder of your assignment, is not doing the right thing by the employer who hired you. Not to mention leave them in a sticky situation. This will not win you points on your job seeker ‘score sheet’.

4- Temporary employment: you can’t just do whatever you want

Unfortunately, we don’t have an endless supply of vacancies that we can just place you in when you decide you want to chop and change. “It’s ok, I will just pick up a temporary position again elsewhere” isn’t how it works. We work with jobseekers who are reliable, hard working and consistent. To not, does a disservice to those people who are.

5- It’s ok that you are sick and not at work

It’s ok that you are sick, everybody gets sick at some point. You’re a temporary employee and are not feeling well. Call us. Let us know. So unless you tell us, we don’t know you’re not at work. This then leads to your recruiter calling you the following week when your time sheet is submitted and wants to know why you were not at work.

6- Want to get paid..... Put your time sheet in on time

It is your responsibility to complete a time sheet. You worked the hours, you know the times, you are the one getting paid. We can’t do this for you. This should be the most important task for your entire week. No one wants to work all week and not be paid for it.

7- Provide your recruiter with reliable and contactable referees

This is a requirement of your employment. To start work you need to have 2 completed reference checks. If you provide these to the recruiter at your initial meeting, then it will be more likely we can get you working ahead of the person who hasn’t provided the details of their referees.

8- Be honest with your recruiter

Be open and honest with your recruiter. Keep them up to date with your movements, let them know when you are really enjoying an assignment, let them know if you’re not enjoying an assignment. We want to know how your day is.

9- Refer your friends

Recruiters love to hear about your amazing friends who are also looking for work. We love to get people working, fast!

10- Lastly and most importantly, BE AN AMAZING EMPLOYEE

The key to getting all the work you could need or want. Be an amazing employee! Be on time, call and advise when you are late, let us know when you are sick, be friendly and treat your colleagues with respect.


We are your employer, we make sure you get paid every week, we help you find your next job and lastly we are a walking talking referral for you.