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Why You Should Hire & Fire Based on Values

Ben Wheeler Posted by Ben
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In today’s corporate world there is a lot of talk about company values.  Both big business and SME’s are investing sizeable amounts of cash as well as time, into projects to define their company values.  Why? 

Well actually, that is the fundamental question.  It is all about the ‘Why?’  Any business that does not know why their company exists, why their employees work there and why their customers buy from them, is going to find it very hard to align their workforce with their overall strategy.

Knowing and most importantly living the values in a business will lead to a highly engaged team and let’s face it, that’s what it is all about, your people.  Your people will make the difference between success and failure.

Putting this into the context of hiring your staff, consider the following during the recruitment process:

  • Regardless of skill set, will this person ‘fit’ with the company’s values?  How do you know this?  Ask them! Simply stating what your values are verbatim is not going to answer this question; it is about aligning your business values and vision to their personal way of thinking- their own vision.

Conversely, if you have someone in your business that is not living the values; I can guarantee you it is harming your business right now.  No matter what position they are in, whether they are a junior graduate, top performing salesperson or senior executive.  People can tell from a mile off and allowing their behaviours to go unchallenged will demotivate and destroy a company culture.  As a leader and as a team it is essential everyone knows to ‘call it’ when they see behaviours that don’t align with the company values.  This does not always have to be confrontational, but the important thing is, action needs to be taken.  Otherwise, you will have good people questioning why they are in your business.


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