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Why I Love My Job

Christina SclavosPosted by Christina
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People management is a hard yet rewarding gig. The many variables that come into play when you are working with an intangible product (that being people), creates a constant challenge. Throw in  an unpredictable market, and you can begin to understand why recruitment and team leading is often referred to as a roller coaster ride. But when the many pieces of the management puzzle do come together, the role of a manager can be so rewarding.

I have been working closely with one of my consultants since she transitioned to a consulting role in 2015. Together we have worked on her recruitment ability, her influencing and communication skills, her BD tactics and mapping of the market, as well as her mentoring and training capabilities. I have watched her experience the tight turns and steep slopes of the roller coaster and have offered her support and guidance along the way.

2018 has been a BIG year for this consultant, marking the achievement of many milestones which include a promotion to Senior Consultant, a personal best in billings in both one month and year to date, and the recruitment of her very own supporting consultant - who she will mentor and develop to become a part of the next generation of people2people consultants.

This is the most rewarding part of my role. Working closely with my staff, coaching and guiding them to their individual success is what gives me my buzz and these real life examples is what makes my role as a leader worth it.

Congratulations Sally Horwood, I am excited to watch you endeavour on the next chapter of your career as a Senior Recruitment Consultant with people2people.