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No Jobs in Perth? Where Are You Going Wrong?

Posted by Lauren
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One of the most common comments heard amongst the Perth population is “there’s just no jobs going at the moment.” All it takes is to open one of the many job seeker websites to notice that there are in fact thousands of vacant jobs in Perth.

So where are you going wrong?

Applying for positions

When desperately looking for work, it is easy to forget just how important it is to tailor your CV specifically to the position for which you are applying. Creating a unique CV for each individual application should not take long to ensure that it covers all key criteria in the job description and is specific to the employing organisation.

Stand out from other applicants

In today’s competitive job market, make sure your CV includes something that makes you stand out from the hundreds of other applicants. This could include listing volunteer work or any key achievements in your current or previous roles. Another way to give yourself a step up over other applicants is to pick up the phone and introduce yourself. For positions such as customer service, administration and general office support. By doing so, you are already demonstrating one of the key attributes recruiters or hiring managers are looking for.  

Social Media

In today’s modern society, technology is key and one of the most useful tips when trying to get into the job market is to be socially active. This includes having both a LinkedIn and Seek profile with up-to-date details on your employment history. Importantly, know your privacy settings. Set all social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram to private.

Regularly check job seeker sites

Be quick to apply! To have the best chance of securing an interview, the sooner you apply for a position, the better. Turn on job notifications for all job seeker websites to make sure you don’t miss out on potential job opportunities.