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Can I Give a Temp a Bonus or an Award?

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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Yes. Yes, you can.

You can offer to pay a “one-off” bonus for exceptional performance by simply requesting that the consultant pay it to the temp and charge it to you.

Or you can offer to pay a bonus on a temp meeting certain KPI’s (eg deadlines or call targets).  This is not uncommon and is a great way to motivate someone who is doing a particularly tedious or challenging task.

Another common bonus option is an assignment completion bonus.  This is particularly attractive when you have a particular project or task that requires the skills of someone who is in high demand in the market.  By offering a completion bonus, you are incentivising the temporary employee to complete the project and not leave earlier to take another role. 

It is wise to put the KPI or completion bonuses in writing – this gives the employee a sense of security and an incentive to perform.  If you would like to offer one of these bonuses, contact your consultant to organise and confirm in writing.

We are always so pleased when a temp we provide to a client does such outstanding work that the client wants to reward them.