Why people2people is Sponsoring the ACON Honour Awards?

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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It was a bright and quite crisp Sunday morning and the digital marketing manager of ACON, Reg, an old friend had invited me to brunch and coffee. It was very Surry Hills of him. What I was unaware of at the time, was that Reg had an ulterior motive for getting me out that morning.  In his role at ACON Reg was also responsible for securing sponsors for the annual ACON Honour Awards.

“So how about it Mark?”

I must admit I didn’t say yes straight away but I was 99% sure. I was aware of the Honour Awards and their important contribution to the LGBTIQ community over the years and I was very confident that the management team would be as excited as I was to have the opportunity to provide sponsorship support.

Unanimously the people2people management team were in support of getting involved in the awards. Even more exciting for the team, was the category that we were having the opportunity to present. In 2018, people2people will be sponsoring, and I personally presenting, the Young Achievers award. As a young company, both in the sense of the number of years we have been in operation and in age of many of our staff, people2people was a great fit.

In the past, the achievements of many in the LGBTIQ community went unrecognised. Often hidden and out of the spotlight the valuable contributions made by these brave individuals went unacknowledged. It is through recognition, such as the Honour Awards, that we bring these achievements to the forefront, shining a light on the achievements of the young LGBTIQ community and recognising the remarkable achievements of these young Australians. 

The entire team at people are proud to be sponsors of this years Young Achiever Honour award and we want to congratulate all the nominees for their outstanding contributions.