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Welcome Pete! people2people’s new chatbot


by Sally Horwood

over 1 year ago


This week, people2people’s first foray into AI and machine learning went live. Our very own chatbot, ‘Pete’, now replaces a consultant in the first line of interaction a client or candidate may have with us. Pete answers the most common queries that come through our website and directs candidates/clients to the relevant pages on our website or eventually to a consultant if the query can’t be solved.

What we’re experimenting with certainly isn’t new and is indicative of a wider trend to utilise machine learning to improve business processes, reduce costs, and market to customers more effectively than ever.

In recruitment, machine learning discussions are focusing on the sourcing of new candidates. The goal is to save consultant’s time by searching across databases and the internet to generate active and passive candidates that are most relevant for the jobs we have. This will be a lifesaver, when we’re looking for a ‘unicorn candidate’ who is outside of our business and social networks.

Other areas that recruitment can use AI will include utilising marketing automation and content generation to engage regularly and more relevantly with candidates, and providing smarter data analytics to reduce advertising spend.

It’s an exciting time that the wisest businesses are investing in a lot now, to reap the rewards in the future. Is your organisation investing in AI and machine learning? I’d love to hear more!

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