Job Hunting Tips

Which Bachelor Contestant are You?

Lisa Johnson Posted by Lisa
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Applying for a job is like being on the Bachelor.  Seriously.  It’s you in a bedazzled dress vs 24 other bedazzled applicants pulling out all the stops to try and get picked first.  But the good thing is that you don’t have to go through the process on national television!

So how can you stand out from the crowd?

  • Have a well written, easy to read resume that clearly shows what your experience is and highlights your achievements.  It should be about 3 pages maximum and be checked for spelling and grammar.
  • Write a personalised cover letter that refers directly to the requirements of the job.  Generic cover letters are a waste of space and time, so make sure your bullet point WHY you are applying for the job and how your experience matches the job requirements. 
  • Follow up with a phone call – not five minutes after you apply, but the next day.  When you call have the ad in front of you so you are not just saying “I am calling about my application for the job”. Recruiters can be working on many jobs at one time and nothing turns us off more than someone who is asking about the ‘job’.
  • Always be friendly and respectful.  You want to make someone WANT to deal with you.  Being aggressive and rude just gets you nowhere
  • Be punctual and prepared – you might think a meeting with a recruiter is nothing special, but we are assessing everything about you.  So if you turn up late in your cut off jeans and scroll Facebook on your phone when we are talking with you, we just move you to the No pile.  You have to IMPRESS us to influence us to present you to a hiring manager.
  • Be confident but always be aware you are in competition – just like the girls going into the Bachelor Mansion, they all back themselves but need to be aware that the girl next to them is just as confident.  Sometimes you will win and sometimes you will not.

And remember, you don’t have to be the odd one who jumps into a pool in your flash gown to try and stand out – being “out there” is not necessarily the best choice in making someone notice you.  Especially if your big move doesn’t get noticed by the people who count! 

Unlike the Bachelor Ladies, you can get help in putting your best foot forward.  A good recruitment consultant will always take some time to give you advice on how to make the next step to a great career.  So never be afraid to pick up the phone and call!