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It’s Not the Price – It’s The Cost!


by Francesca Arcuri

10 months ago


Think about it.    Get it?

I’ve been in recruitment and HR Services for over twenty-five years and have had my fair share of tendering, negotiating and bidding for new business.

The most common phrase I hear is; “our decision will not be based purely on price”. 

 I disagree.

My experience has had me observe, that a majority of decision makers follow the fastest route to the bottom price.  I’ve also noticed, that the people charged with making those decisions, do not place a value on relationships and inherent knowledge that we as recruiters, build up over an extended period of time, about your business, culture and environment.

The risk for businesses is that the cheap rates usually show up in the delivery and quality of the service.  I have had the experience of welcoming back those organisations, who have expressed to me, a dissatisfaction with their new provider.

So think of the overall cost of time wasted, relationships lost and having to start again with a new provider, before you base your decision solely on the cheapest rates.

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