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If it Sounds Too Good to Be True...

Simon Gressier Posted by Simon
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I am not being a Grinch and I am well aware that good things do happen e.g. people do win the lottery, secure ideal jobs, meet their soulmates etc, etc. BUT these events are not daily occurrences and that is why when they do happen they stand out. More often than not, good fortune comes with a downside.

Recently we had a hiring manager’s good offer rejected, as the job seeker had received an offer with an even higher financial package. Nothing surprising in this, in a job seeker tight Sydney recruitment market, this happens all the time. What was surprising was that the second offer provided the job seeker with a pay rise, in excess of 50%, yes, 50%.  In addition to the salary package the prospective new employer was offering, there was to be quality mentoring, fresh challenges and reasonable work hours – happy days!

I won’t bore you with all the details, but suffice to say, the reality proved significantly different and the only constant was the salary package.

The lessons learnt –

  • Massive increases in salary come with the expectation that you are competent to fulfil the responsibilities associated with the higher level role.

  • If your skill level is below your new employer’s expectations, then expect to work significantly longer hours to develop your skills to the required level.

  • There is a difference between being an applicant and an employee i.e. not all statements made in an interview come to fruition in the harsh reality of a busy working week.

  • Taking on new challenges and advancing your career is admirable and is what is expected of job seekers on the `upswing’, but make sure that the step is within your ‘realistic’ capabilities.

  • Money is not everything – if you are seeking a work/life balance, then what value do you place on this?

If it sounds too good to be true…