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Why Every Credit Professional Should Join The AICM

Posted by Siobhan
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people2people in Brisbane, specialise recruiting in the credit management market. As such, we have recently linked up with the Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) here in Queensland, due to our high regard for this industry.

Who are the AICM?

Australian Institute of Credit Management (AICM) is the market leader in commercial and consumer credit management within Australia and they provide credit professionals with the right tools, training and development and knowledge for these professional to enhance their careers, providing them with a competitive advantage. The AICM currently have several thousand members who are like minded individuals keen to ensure they are at the cutting edge in their profession.  

Benefits of joining the AICM:

  • Meet other credit professionals and share ideas

  • Meet leaders within the industry – you never know what opportunities may arise!

  • Have access to their endless information on trends, setback and achievements within credit

  • Keep up to date with regulatory changes and legal compliance

  • Understand how to manage risk and manage it effectively

  • Update your knowledge and continue learning with the variety of different training courses provided at discounted rates

  • Be recognised with awards

  • Attend training days, workshops and seminars

  • Attend the annual National Conference

  • Have access to nationally recognised qualifications

  • Attend functions, luncheons, golf days and awards nights at member rates

By joining the AICM, you can participate in professional development programs where you can further expand your knowledge and experience within credit management. These programs qualify members’ experience and provides them with an advantage for employment opportunities over those who are not members!

To gain more insight into the AICM and to fully understand what they offer, please head over to their website: