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What is Motivating Your Job Search?

Posted by Karen
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If changing jobs is high on your priority list, you have some serious thinking to do. Self-analysis is vital in career planning and one thing you should do before you make any move is assess is your motivation. Why do you want to do something different?

Think about the ‘push and pull’ factors as they relate to your situation.  Push factors are those things that are pushing you away from your current role and may include:

  • Your boss drives you crazy
  • The hours you’re working don’t give you enough free time
  • You’re feeling undervalued and/or underpaid
  • The two-hour daily commute is wearing you down
  • There’s absolutely no chance of promotion
  • There is no challenge left

Pull factors are those that pull you towards a new role.  Things like:

  • The company has an amazing reputation as an employer
  • You’ll be working with an inspiring industry leader/mentor
  • The company’s client list is outstanding 
  • Great benefits are offered – eg, fully funded study, extra leave, paid maternity leave, wellness programs
  •  There are realistic career progression opportunities
  • You’ll be working closer to home

Often, when people are motivated solely by push factors, they make decisions they later regret.  The grass is not always greener on the other side and many people wish they had looked at resolving issues with their former employer rather than moving onto something new.

So, think carefully about where you are heading and what you want to do.  If it’s time to move on, the motivation is positive, and the opportunity is right, go for it. Good luck and have fun!