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How to Get the Best out of Your Day

Posted by Kate
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Most weeks just fly by and there are never enough hours in the day. How is it already July? You’ll blink and it will be Christmas. Here are some tips for a most productive work day!

  • Done is better than perfect.

Nothing is ever perfect, don’t waste time chasing after this illusion and bang out what you need to get done as best you possibly can, and then…….move on. You can come back to it later if you need to adjust or improve, but it’s key to get it off your desk so you can move forward. You will feel a sense of accomplishment which in itself is motivating.

  • Keep to working in 90 minute intervals.

Researchers have found that working in 90 minute intervals increases productivity and concentration above people that don’t. So take a break honey!

  • Hold a standing meeting.

Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is. Everyone stands. It can increase group interest, improve group performance, and increases creativity and problems solving so you can move on and on to the next task!  

  • Give yourself clear deadlines.

It helps us meet our goals because we focus more when we are aware of how much time we have to spend on each task.

  • Implement the two minute rule.

If you have a task that can be done in under two minutes or less, do it straight away. It takes longer if you leave it and come back to it.

  • Handle any given task once, and once only.

You will be more focused and efficiency increases.

  • Have a focus for the day.

Be realistic about where you are at, and what takes priority today. You will feel more in control of your week by being across your key goals and important tasks day to day.

  • Preparation.

The last half an hour of your day should be spent planning activity for tomorrow. That way, you’re ahead of the game the next morning and get going.

I hope some of these tips can be of help in your day.