Social Media and Your Job Search

Posted by Sally
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With job vacancies up almost 10% on last year, the employment market here in Sydney is looking better than ever. As recruiters, we’re seeing record numbers of increased candidate activity too. Having lots of jobs to apply for is great, but the level of competition you’re up against means that employers and recruiters can select other job seekers instead of you, sometimes for the smallest of reasons, including your social media presence.

Here are three tips when you’re searching for a new job:

1. Make sure you have a social media presence:

Having a LinkedIn profile that is completed, up-to-date and accurate, and the information given is the same as your CV. Having an online presence can help you in your job search too, by enabling you to connect with contacts who might be hiring or introduce you to those who may in the future.

2. Check your personal social media accounts are hidden or professional  enough to be public:

The sheer number of inappropriate photos, email addresses, Facebook posts, and tweets that I have seen since I started recruiting here in Sydney, are large enough to fill a book. If the content you post isn’t something you’d want your grandmother to see or you haven’t completed a privacy reconciliation since 2013, then now is a great time to start. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allow you to make your profiles visible to friends only. Extra levels of anonymity can include changing your name (on your FB profile) or creating a totally new email address for your applications.

3. Google your name:

Googling your name is the easiest way to find out what information is public. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile does pop up in the top results, by completing your profile properly  and delete any individual posts that you don’t want to appear.

There are plenty more tips and tricks regarding social media to help that you stand out of the crowd (in a good way). Check out our other BLOGS for further help and good luck in your job search!