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How Sick is Too Sick?

Aiden Boast Posted by Aiden
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With winter here in Australia getting near, the workforce feels it more than expected with unwanted colds, coughs and flu. There are many factors to being absent from work, including sickness. But with high job demands and stressful working environments, are employees still turning up to work during illness? And how sick is too sick?

A recent study showed that almost half of the employment workforce admitted to calling in a ‘sickie’, when they were perfectly healthy, but be aware, 1 in 4 employers have let go a member of staff after 'faking it'!

Some employees have admitted to going to work sick because of their sheer workload. A lack of resources, elevated job demands, strains of staffing levels and stress, are several reasons why employees can’t afford to take a day off. However, some employees attend work whilst ill, purely down to the fact that they enjoy what they do and can't keep away!

There have been some cases where staff have taken a questionable day off and others who wouldn't be absent unless they were at death's door. Gastric illnesses are considered the most acceptable reason to take a day off, however feeling stressed or a depressive illness has had less sympathy from employers. On a recent study, only 17% thought mental health issues were a valid reason for a sick day.

There is no right or wrong in going to work or staying at home sick, I believe that you must assess the situation properly. Is your illness going to spread? Are you going to benefit from being at work? And can you be productive with your day? Some illnesses are not worth showing your commitment to work, and if you are that ill, you will be sent home.

There is one other reason to be sick, and that’s if you’re sick of your job! If that’s the case, then contact people2people who can assist with the remedy!