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Why I Returned to people2people

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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Perth is a little ol’, isolated city…so I always knew I wanted to broaden my experience by living and working away.

The stars aligned and an opportunity arose for me to move to Sydney in 2012, when I joined people2people. I worked with people2people for nearly 3 years until I upped and left to live in London.

After two (very fast, but amazing) years in London, I boomeranged back to p2p but this time to set  up their seventh office…..in Perth!

After leaving, I realised what I missed the most about people2people was;

Training – I originally joined people2people as a Para-Consultant ( Assistant) and was fortunate enough to participate in people2people’s thorough training programme. The training gave me all the tools and best practice I needed to transition into the recruitment extraordinaire (self-proclaimed) you see today. I’ll be honest… it wasn’t easy. It was a new city, where I knew no one and there was a LOT to learn. I was completely out of my comfort zone.

Culture – Although I didn’t know anyone, people2people quickly became my family and supported me, both through my ongoing learning and also personally, as I adjusted to my new surroundings. The people are friendly, approachable and here to help. There is ‘no top drawing’ of candidates or stealing others glory – we work together. Successes are always celebrated. Everyone works extremely hard, with a laugh along the way and of course we also have a beer on a Friday (sometimes too many).

Strong Leadership – Management lead by example, everyone is driven, invested in the company, passionate, give clear direction and set expectations from the onset. There is no micromanagement or strict KPI’s or lots of reporting…we know what we need to do so we just get it done. Recruitment Consultants manage their desks with autonomy.

Communication – You always know where you stand, goals are always communicated clearly and you know where the company is heading. Communication is open, transparent and honest, which is how we also operate with our clients and candidates.

When I decided to head back home to Perth, I had hoped that I could somehow work for people2people even though we did not yet have an office in Perth. I could see p2p was already expanding having just opened our Auckland office, so I called Mark Smith, our Managing Director and the rest is history…

I’m back working alongside my colleagues with whom I worked with previously and I’m extremely proud to be a part of this company. I’ve progressed from a very green Para-Consultant to playing an integral role in the set up our office in Perth and I couldn’t be happier to be given the opportunity!


If you would like to find out more about why so many of our employees have returned to people2people or have stayed for the long haul, please give me a call on 08 6160 6201.