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Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

Posted by Brad
min read

This has been a heated controversial topic for many over social media these past few years. We all have our different opinions, but what is the real issue? Is it the fact that it’s a fruit? Is it the fact that it’s mixing sweet with savoury? If that’s the issue, then shouldn’t we remove tomatoes or onions for having strange flavours? The truth is, we need things like pineapple on pizzas for extra flare, diversity and to mix things up.

Now why are we talking about pizza on a people2people post? Well after reading that last sentence, it’s fairly easy to see where this going. We’re talking about diversity in a team. We all have our own experiences, we all come from different backgrounds and everyone has their own story to tell. It’s these different lifestyles when brought together, can create the perfect team.

We all like to think we’re the hardest worker and that the job would get done so much easier if there was one or 10 more of us, but what sort of environment would that create? It sounds like a pretty bland flavour of pizza if you ask me and whilst the energy may be consistent with 10 people exactly like you, it doesn’t make for a good team. Who is going to pick up the strengths in the areas in which you are weaker?

Now for those of you answering the original question; “does pineapple go pizza?’ with “No it doesn’t! – I hate pineapple.” Well this next section may be something that will change your perspective. We can all imagine what we would hate to put on a pizza and we even know that it shouldn’t go on there before it even touches it. However, sometimes, you have to try new things that are unexpected and whilst they may not always work out or taste great, it’s better to have given it a try, so that you can learn for the future and improve it next time.

So look at this example in your workplace. You won’t always get along with every person who comes into the environment but remember that they are adding flare, flavour and a different dynamic to your working day. They are stopping your team from becoming stale and boring.

Remember, we are all a different topping and we all bring something different to the table, and that is why pineapple does BELONG on pizza!