Volume Sales Recruitment Within a Call Centre Environment, Why You Need a Recruitment Agency


by Herman Benade

11 months ago


The sales and marketing team at people2people Melbourne, have worked on a number of projects during 2017/2018, where our clients wanted to double their call centre sales force or build a new whole team from scratch in a very short period of time.  This has obviously come with some struggles, predominately with finding the volume of candidates and then ensuring that the calibre of the candidates is kept at a high standard. So here are some tips on how we managed to combat these struggles and if I can be a bit cheeky, the reasons why you should be engaging a recruitment agency for these types of projects. 

  1. Probably the most obvious aspect would be the hours required to recruit volume staff.  Here are some actual stats for one month focusing on 2 hiring managers who wanted an intake of 5 candidates per fortnight all with outbound sales experience across financial services, energy and telecommunications.  For us to be able to deliver 10 candidates per fortnight with relevant experience we had to  in the month of February, with 20 working days, between 3 of us, we left messages with 630 candidates and phone screened 528 candidates and interviewed 97 in order for us to fill 20 roles. This means we spoke to 31 candidates per day and interviewed 5 people purely for these two projects. Seems excessive? Its not when it comes to recruiting for call centre roles and there are two things hiring managers look for, first of all and most importantly culture, second of all obviously the ability to sell.  These are both skills you can’t screen out on a CV. Therefore you need the volume to ultimately identify talent, who will not only be successful in the role but will also enjoy the culture, which in both these case studies, are quite unique. 
  2. Retention. Due to the level of the role, we do see a high volume of turnover within the call centre industry. From a recruitment company’s perspective, it is crucial that we mitigate this risk by ensuring that the candidates’ needs and wants, line up with those of the hiring managers, to ensure that they integrate into the organisation quickly. Most importantly, is that they fit the culture of the business. This is the reason why a majority of candidates stay in their roles. This was achieved by having very detailed conversations with the hiring managers, to really understand what type of person and personality would work well in their business. What this resulted in was that by constantly communicating with the hiring managers and making a point of building relationships with employees whom we had recruited, we have had a constant insight of what it is like to actually work in the business. 
  3. Timing! This has been the most difficult aspect.  The majority of the ‘top’ candidates are currently working in other businesses. If they are employed in a call centre, then it’s almost impossible for them to answer their own ‘phone during normal work hours and also to attend interviews. There is a lot of hours worked outside core working hours to attract this top talent.

In summary, unless you have a dedicated recruitment team and have all the tools to attract these candidates, such as digital marketing, it can be very difficult to get source the volume of talent, required. 

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