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The Rise of RPO

Liz Jones Posted by Liz
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The recruitment industry is ever evolving and employers are placing a strong emphasis on employee attraction & engagement. Outsourcing has long been a ‘go to’ solution for large businesses and some time ago, it was thought that this type of model was only suited to transactional areas of a business, such as call centres or accounting functions. Whilst RPO has been around for more than a decade, there has been a big shift in focus over recent years, with more and more organisations, of all shapes and sizes, now seeking alternative strategic models to form part of their HR & Recruitment strategies.

So what is it?

Currently, RPO is a $3 billion global industry, and has an estimated growth of over 50% in the next 5 years. It has the ability to adapt quickly to agile work environments and it allows organisations to ‘flick the switch’ to ‘take off’ at very short notice.

Why implement an RPO?

  1. Reduction in recruitment spend
  2. Streamlined reporting
  3. Management of 3rd party vendors
  4. Reduced time to hire
  5. Talent engagement, management & pooling
  6. Strong employer branding strategies
  7. Better use of your internal resources

How to know if RPO is right for your business?

There is really no one size fits all approach with outsourcing and the very first step is to understand what the best fit is going to be for any business. Some of the solutions offered in the RPO sector are as follows:

 RPO - Recruitment Process Outsourcing
- The process of managing all or part of your permanent recruitment function
CMO – Contractor Management Outsourcing
- Save money, streamline processes, mitigate risk
- The CMO is your partner to manage your whole contingent workforce
MSP – Master Vendor Provider
- Multiple suppliers, 1 invoice. Our MSP model is supplier agnostic and there to manage the whole recruitment function and your vendors 
WMO – Workforce Management Outsourcing
- From recruitment strategy, to workforce & HR management, our WMO is the perfect option should you be wishing to outsourcing part, or all of your workforce.
Payroll– outsourced payroll solutions for your permanent workforce
Project Recruitment – assisting with the project engagement strategy, recruitment of talent and roll out of staff
Outplacement – Consulting services through periods or redundancy & change
HRO – What about the other stuff? We can provide unbundled services such as reference/ background checking, exit interviews, or assessment centres to assist through peak periods

Most importantly is that with these different solutions, your business requires analysis and a review to ensure  a ‘best fit’ solution.

Of course, that’s where people2people’s HR Solutions come in!  We provide obligation free consultations to help review, analyse and suggest potential outsourced recruitment models to suit your business. With an increasingly flexible workforce and a tight labour market, HR Solutions was established in recognition of the demand for outsourced recruitment and payroll solutions.

We help businesses just ‘get on with it’ by taking the pressure away from the design, development and execution of various BPO models.

Should you wish to gain a better understanding of RPO of any other outsourced recruitment model, please contact the team at people2people HR Solutions.