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Why Are You Still Sweating the Small (And Big) Stuff?

Liz Jones Posted by Liz
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I am sure in the course of your very busy working days, it has crossed your mind more than once that it would be great to offload some of the work, not have to train anyone to do it and allow yourself the ‘luxury’ of actually doing your day job.

Here are some solutions:


RPO, is the ‘Value beyond the Software’ and it’s the processing of any administrative, repetitive, non-income generating activity or task that can be fully or partially outsourced to a recruitment specialist.

Managed Services Provider or MSP

A Managed Service Provider is responsible for the end to end recruitment and management of an organisation’s contingent workforce and for providing a defined set of services which includes:

  • 3rd Party vendor management;

  • Contractor Management including on-boarding, off-boarding and compliance ;

  • Streamlined invoicing – one invoice/one supplier ;

  • Complete workforce visibility, costing, forecasting and reporting.

  • people2people are ‘supplier agnostic’ and act as an extension to your HR team.  


Full workforce management

As well as acting as a Managed Services Provider for some organisations, in some cases people2people can also be engaged to provide full workforce management, which includes everything from recruitment, on boarding, HR management, payroll and training.

Contractor Management Outsourcing or CMO

CMO is a streamlined process, from onboarding, payment, compliance and management of all contractors and a company's contingent temporary workforce.

Recruitment Project

This is usually defined as a situation constrained by a deadline and a recruitment project is undertaken to secure talent in volume. Examples would include, but are not limited to; graduate recruitment; new offices or geography; relocations; mergers and acquisitions


​During uncertain times, employees can become quite nervous and anxious about their future and everyone reacts differently to the looming prospect of retrenchment or redundancy.  Be prepared to give your people the best possible exit strategy and help them on their way to another career. At people2people HR Solutions, we partner with highly experienced outplacement consultants, who take the time and the care to coach, encourage and provide that initial support, that can be lacking in hard times.


people2people HR Solutions provides Managers and Business Owners the opportunity to do what they do best, run their businesses. Focusing on back office administrative and non profit generating activities such as payroll, distracts you from the daily business of running your organisation